Vol. 2 No. 19…what is WTSO?

Some friends told me about a website that specializes in closing out lots of wine.

It is http://www.wtso.com – Wine Till Sold Out.

Here’s how it works. You go to the website and register…and you can look at what is available. If not interested, just sit back and wait. You may get 3-5 emails a day but all you see is a picture and a description as shown following commentary.

I bought a 95 point Ribero del Duero from one of the best winemakers in Spain. Original Price was $39.99. Order two and you get free shipping. Also you can adjust the delivery date in case you are going to be away. Original Price was $135. They give you the best available price $65.

Number of bottles required for free shipping varies from 1-4 depending on price.

Check it out. I think you will find it a good resource for wines that are hard to locate.


92 Pt XXXChianti Classico
92 rating and 57% off!

Free Shipping on 4 or more

Original Price: $30.00
Best Web Price (With Shipping): $N/A
Our Price (Delivered):