Vol 2 No 11…back from Portugal, Spain, and Madeira

I fully intended to write while I was gone but due to the fast pace I was just too busy and/or tired at the end of the day to write. So I will go about finishing reporting on the trip over the next several days. Here are the topics:

Vol2 No 12…the Douro Valley and Lisbon

Vol 2 No 13…have some Madeira my dear…

Vol 2 No 14…Lisbon and embarking on the Wind Surf for Tangiers and the Med

Vol 2 No 15…Sketches of Spain…the Costa del Sol

Vol 2 No 16…Ibiza…don’t go there after dark!!!

Vol 2 No 17…Monserrat and Sitges…rhymes with beaches and there are many!

Vol 2 No 18…Montsant and Priorat…red, red wine

That should keep TB busy for the rest of the month bringing back fond memories!



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