Vol. 2 No. 2…how did TB do in 2015?

(Note I have two blogs. The other is   This article was supposed to be published on this site on 12/31 as the final edition of the year. While updating the other site I found it. Here it is. Mea culpa! The one on GSR’s is coming in a day or two. TB)

Like most of us TB does some reflecting at year-end and thought about his goals and how well he did this year – the first for the blog.

  1. Goal was to put out at least one blog every two weeks. While I more than accomplished it, the unevenness (due to a number of things), was disappointing to me.
  2. I met with and talked with several winery owners on trips to the Basque Country of Spain and France, La Rioja, Ribero del Dueros, California’s Central Coast, New York, Canada, and even a local winery.
  3. I covered the craze for cheap wine (Two Buck Chuck), and encouraged people to drink what they like but on one night a week try something different.
  4. I stressed that YOU are your own best wine critic and for that reason I don’t rate wines here but mention ones I have had and really liked.
  5. I read two books related to the Chinese and Bordeaux and how greed has taken over as wine hungry (and wine illiterate) Chinese pay exorbitant prices for First Growth Bordeaux while the Bordelais over-spray the crops to eke out every last drop; try to drive their neighbors from the non-classified and even some Third Growth chateaux, while lowering the quality of the wine. Why? Because only the Chinese can afford the wine and it is mostly speculation creating a huge bubble that hast to be near bursting. Note this has not happened in Burgundy where the vineyards are small and there is already a shortage of the best wines.

So how did I do? I ask you and would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Me? I gave myself a B-, mainly due to not staying on schedule even though I published six more columns than necessary.

Wishing you all the best in the new year and for all of 2016!

Trader Bill