Vol. 1 No. 18 – sometimes you just don’t feel like writing

…or even thinking about tasting wine. Just over a week ago I had a tonsillectomy – at 70! I thought that would be a good time to write but a) I couldn’t focus, and b) wine was not something I wished to think about.

That said, I have been doing some reading on wine and ran across Рstumbled actually Рa book by Tyler Colman, Wine Politics: how governments, environmentalists, mobsters, and critics influence the wines we drink. I downloaded the sample on Amazon and really got into it. This is a guy who wrote a doctoral dissertation at Northwestern University Рthe first, and as he said, possibly the last dissertation on wine in the political science department (I wrote about it Michael Veseth, who writes theWineEconomist blog which I thoroughly enjoy and he spoke highly of Mr Colman who he has known for some time).

TB has long been upset about the post-prohibition liquor laws which effectively handed over the distribution side of the business to criminals. While these have been amended it has been slow and still makes the consumer pay for generating big profits to the industry. Why should any state be able to tell you which wines you are allowed to have access to and further, (if you are a GOP states rights advocate you won’t like this), stop you from buying wine directly from the winery and shipped to your state?

I finished the sample and was going to order the Kindle edition but the cost was almost as much as the paperback and since I am writing a book on wine, I am sure I will want to refer to it frequently. So, the book is on the way. Note that I read many samples and don’t buy even a tenth of them – just like browsing in a bookstore…you do remember what those are, right?

Well, now that you know TB is alive he has spent all of his energy for the day, but wanted you to know he hasn’t given up on the blog…OR the book…yet…not ever!

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