Vol 3 No 7…4,000 bottles of Bordeaux on the wall, 4,000 bottles of wine

Just when you think you’ve heard it all along comes a new scam. This one on the Chinese government by the way. Smugglers have managed to bring in wine from Macau since the island killed the tax on wine in 2008. Since then at least 210,000 bottles of first growth Bordeaux, mainly, have been smuggled in ¬†They also discovered a second ring that may have brought in 1,800 tons of bottled wine (why they report it that way is beyond this wine geek). Since 2011, more than 210,000 bottles have been smuggled in.

The wines were mainly first growth Bordeaux, including Mouton Rothschild,Lafite Rothschiled, and even a 2008 Petrus ($3,900+ a bottle in China!!!), plus Margaux, Pichon Baron, and Calon-Segur. Ay chihuahua! …or more appropriately, sacre bleu!

Here is a link which includes a video clip…nice:¬†https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2017/06/huge-wine-haul-in-chinese-smuggling-crackdown/

Now the question(s) are the following: what will the Chinese government do with the wine? Will it hurt the market for Bordeaux? Will it affect other wines if buyers shift to these if priced a bargain prices? I dunno, but it won’t be good for anybody. Remember the Chinese market for Bordeaux has not just become the primary market, due to what they have done to prices and their destruction of the three-tier system, could be the biggest thing since the 1974 Italian salad oil scandal which destroyed Bordeaux prices for several years. Let’s see how this plays out.

As the article stated there is only one piece of good news in all of this: there were no counterfeits!!! Ponder what that might have meant for a while…

3,000 bottles of wine on the wall, 3,000 bottles of wine…sell one and what do you have left? 2,999 bottles of wine on the wall…and all of it the best Bordeaux has to offer. Cheers!